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Personality Tests and Characterization

Have you ever taken a personality test? They are one of my side interests and I’ve spent countless hours taking them and researching the different personality types. It really helps me to understand how different people take in information and interact with the world. My favorite resource for this is 16 Personalities which follows the… Continue reading Personality Tests and Characterization

Family Binds, The Journey Missions

A Valentine’s Gift: Sneak peak of Family Binds

In honor of Valentine's Day I thought it would be fun to share this cute scene between Justin and Crystal from Family Binds coming out later this year. *** Crystal tried to work on analyzing the bio-skin data, but she couldn’t focus. She had been able to shut down her feelings while she was talking… Continue reading A Valentine’s Gift: Sneak peak of Family Binds

The Journey Missions

Musical Inspiration

Music is a big part of my writing process. I like to use music to help me get in the right emotional state for a certain scene or to help describe relationships between characters. I find that music can help me understand my characters and stories much better than I can on my own. Sometimes… Continue reading Musical Inspiration

The Journey Missions

The Journey Missions: Masquerade; A Halloween One Shot

“I can’t believe I let you talk me into this.” Crystal wandered aimlessly through the dusty overstuffed costume shop. She had no idea how Flint had found the place. It was tucked in an alley a few miles from the Academy in an area of town that Crystal never went to. “Come on, it’ll be… Continue reading The Journey Missions: Masquerade; A Halloween One Shot