Crystal and Flint, The Journey Missions

Deleted Scene: Fallout from Soupionia

Thicker Than Bloodwas released on Friday and I've been trying to come up with a fun way to celebrate the third book in The Journey Missions series finally entering the world. My husband and I have just finished watching all the Marvel movies (in chronological order cause we're cool like that) and it reminded me… Continue reading Deleted Scene: Fallout from Soupionia

Crystal and Flint, My writing journey

Crystal and Flint Deleted Scenes

I love watching deleted scenes from movies. Those little moments that didn’t make the final cut, but can still give insight in the characters and stories. Just like in movies there are a lot of scenes that get cut when writing book. There’s lots of reasons why a scene gets cut. It might not move… Continue reading Crystal and Flint Deleted Scenes