NaNO Wrap UP

November has come and gone and with it my favorite event of the year, National Novel Writing Month or NaNo. I thought I’d give you a quick run down of the last month since it was crazy and awesome, and kept me so busy that I wasn’t able to check in here at all during the month.

So first the basics, during the month of November I wrote 50,154 words and completed the first draft of book 3 in the Journey Missions Series, Thicker Than Blood. I also wrote something every single day of the month. Which means, I won! Which is awesome but not really the point of NaNo.

I’m very happy with how the month went, though I won’t let anyone read the draft I wrote. I really don’t want to read the draft I wrote. It’s bad guys, like maybe the worst thing I’ve ever written, but I’m ok with it. This had to be the least prepared I’ve ever been before starting a first draft. I had exactly three plot points in mind prior to starting.

  • The team was going to Earth
  • Someone was going to get arrested just for being from Neophia
  • Desi would have to make a last minute decision on whether or not to return to Journey

That was all I had to work with, so I just ran with it, or as it’s known in the NaNo world I pantsed it. I can honestly say I’m happy with the results even though I won’t let anyone read it, yet. I have the skeleton of a story on paper. Over the next couple of drafts I’ll be able to flesh out the characters (several people are simply called NAME or OFFICER), subplots and action. Which is how I tend to write even when not doing NaNo.

Now that NaNo is over I’m jumping head first back into book 2 in the series, Family Binds. Now this book I have a very detailed plan for the revisions that need to happen. I’m working through them as fast as I can because I’m so excited for you guys to see what happens next.

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