Crystal and Flint, The Journey Missions

Crystal and Flint is 1!

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of Crystal and Flint’s publication. It’s a crazy feeling knowing that my work has been out in the world for that long, something I had dreamed about and worked at for years. There are still moments when I’m working on The Journey Mission Series where it feels like these… Continue reading Crystal and Flint is 1!

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Alligator Season by Tyler Hanson Review

Alligator Season: A Faction Story (The Redacted Files) by Tyler Hanson is an edge of your seat novella. It follows Catalina, a monster hunter, as she tries to find and eliminate the monster terrorizing a small village. The monsters in this story are based on real animals though they do have characteristics that kick the… Continue reading Alligator Season by Tyler Hanson Review

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The Chaos Circus by R. Dugan Review

The Chaos Circus by R. Dugan tells the story of Tessa, a young woman who desperately wants to live a normal ordinary life, but when her most prized possession is stolen from her Tessa must risk everything to get it back. She follows Nicolai to the Mirror Lands and the home of The Chaos Circus… Continue reading The Chaos Circus by R. Dugan Review