Take Two: Life update and blog relaunch

I’m Back!  It’s been a well over a year since I last wrote a blog post, and even back then I only wrote a few before abandoning it.  Not this time.  This time I’m determined to keep with it. I have even planned out the weekly posts for the next few months to help keep myself on target. But before we get into all the writing advice, book reviews and juicy details about my stories, I thought I’d give an update of what’s happened to me of the last year and half.

There’s been two major event I want to share with you guys.  The first, and probably the biggest reason why I stopped blogging and writing, is that I had a baby.  We were over the moon to welcome our daughter to the family this past May.  It’s only natural that having a brand new tiny human in the house had an impact on the time and energy I had to write, but the pregnancy itself was so much worse.  I don’t do pregnancy very well.  I have morning sickness through the whole thing, can barely eat, lose a ton of weight (lost 40lbs with my daughter), it gets to the point that even drinking water would make me sick. Needless to say it’s extremely hard to get up the motivation to write when you have a hard time even eating enough a day to sustain you and the baby.  Don’t even ask me about the metal work of writing a story.  It wasn’t going to happen.  Most days it was a miracle that I was able to get through work and parenting my toddler until my husband got home.

I did try to write while I was pregnant, but it never amounted to anything. So instead I focused on getting the first book in The Journey Missions Series, Crystal and Flint, ready to publish.  I hired an editor and cover designer, did a lot of research on marketing and what is needed to publish a book as an indie author. It was a lot of work, but I gave myself plenty of time to get it done right and in the end it paid off.

In fact, that’s my second piece of big news I wanted to tell you.  My debut novel, Crystal and Flint, will be published in just a few days.  Tuesday, September 25 to be exact.  You can find out more details about the book here.

Now that I’m back, I plan to hit the ground running working on books 2 and 3 of The Journey Missions series, as well as, provide some useful and hopefully entertaining information here for anyone interested in writing, books, and my experience as an author.  Stay tuned, I have some exciting stuff planned for you guys in the next few weeks.

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