Crashing Tide

Environmental scientist, Zoe Antos’s world has forever been changed.

When a mysterious illness sweeps across the globe, the Arrow Equilibrium is only too happy to place the blame on Zoe. Injured and on the run, the only thing that matters now is survival. But at some point, survival isn’t enough. Zoe is determined to stop running and find a way to live in this new world. As a new community grows around her, so does the danger. The Arrows won’t stop till she dead, regardless of the collateral damage.

Separated from his fiancé, Cole Wilborn finds himself a prisoner of the Arrows. His parents are determined to make him see things their way, even if it means completely breaking down his spirit in the process. Unable to get to Zoe, he is committed to keeping the Arrows off her trail. With the help of his older siblings, he plays the part of dutiful son while gathering information to make his escape. Cole will soon learn that freedom may have consequences he never imagined.

Zoe and Cole must find a way to turn the tide in their favor before it crashes down and pulls them under.

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